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Mayoral Baby Ecru Bag

Price €75.00

A very ideal and wonderful baby ecru bag from the new Mayoral collection which all mothers need to have when they are out for a walk with their baby. It is spacious and they can store all the other indispensable accessories of their baby.

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Djeco Color-Changing Children Umbrella ‘Faces’...

Price €15.00
Detailed description

Smart Djeco umbrella in transparent, soft plastic with prints of various faces. A unique, color changing umbrella; watch the faces

change color and come alive when they get wet; with the special transparent fabric you can see the magical transformation happen

from underneath while staying dry The shaft and edges are orange, and when it is hit by rain and gets wet, the colours of the face

occur. The Djeco umbrella comes in the shape of a hemisphere, which make it protects the kid well against the rain. The screen is

easy to fold up and in, and the rod has a curved handle to ensure the kid has a good grip on the umbrella. When the umbrella is

packed, the screen can be held in place with a practical strap with push buttons. Recommended Age: 4 years+ Dimensions: 68

(height) x 70 (diameter) cm.

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Djeco Umbrellas Dinosaurs

Price €10.90

Detailed description

A beautifully illustrated printed clear dinosaurs themed domed umbrella. This beautifully illustrated umbrella will brighten a rainy day.

The transparent PVC allows a child to see where they are going and the high dome provides better coverage. Design features:

Fiberglass structure providing a strong umbrella. Manual opening with safety protection so fingers don’t get caught Piping with fabric

finishing. Plastic cap ending stitched finishing to help prevent broken umbrellas. Designed by Virginie Brachet. Recommended Age: 3

years+ Dimensions: 68 height x 70 diameter cm.

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Bobux Baby Blue Shoes with Panda

Price €38.00

Bobux  blue panda baby shoes for first steps are made of artisanal leather, soft and special for children's feet. The health of the feet and

the comfort are characteristics of the Bobux company. They are elastic on the ankle to get in and out easily with suede soles so that the

foot can breathe and the leathers are specially dyed so as not to create allergies.

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